Cybersecurity solutions

Why should you concern about cybersecurity?

Financial cost of data breach
Financial Cost
Data breaches happen to be expensive. Attacks like ransomware can cost a company thousands of dollars. The worst scenario is to get phished and expose sensitive information like business credit cards. That's the end of a story. In case the company isn't prepared to defend.
Customer protection is crucial
Customer Protection
Exploiting sensitive personal information like credit cards, addresses, or medical records by cyber-criminal can generate problems concerning people's lives. Nowadays, it is easy to reveal what should be hidden, despite GDPR or any other laws. Just one innocent click on the link in the email.
Company reputation can suffer
Company Reputation
How easy is it to lose customers? Probably one click far away. Nobody likes a company whose reputation declined because of a data breach. On the other hand, announcing that the company is protected against cyber-criminals will increase the revenue. More protection = more customers.

Cybersecurity - how we can help you?

spam detector blocks spam
Focus on your business
The cyberworld is changing by every hour, if not even every minute. New menaces get discovered constantly. You don't need to spend your precious time studying what's new. Use your time on what you are the best at - your business.
spam detector blocks spam
No more stress
You no longer need to worry about what is happening outside the barrier. Even when you are enjoying your free time, our protection is on the watch keeping your valuables safe. The less stressed you are, the easier life you live.
spam detector blocks spam
Gain more respect
Say to your customers that you take cybersecurity seriously. Gain more trust and respect. Be a man who acts today, not when it's too late. Every smart step you take will repay you multiple times.

Why us?

YANON Digital Solutions Limited offers five-star solutions for protecting the digital essence of small businesses by providing high-quality services.

Our product's main idea is to show a different approach to deal with a customer like you. Technically, everyone says that, although, stays within the boundaries of his product and planning.

We want to deliver what you need now, not what you might need in the future. You know what your business needs, not us. Our response to your requirements out of the product scope lasts hours or days, not months or years.

How SMTP Sentinel helps you?

SMTP Sentinel scans all your emails for viruses, spams, phishing, malware and quarantines them immediately. Strong firewalls are protecting servers from DDoS. Below you can see the real-time data from our solution.

Emails are the #1 target when it comes to invading small business.


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